Manjaro Linux - The Adventure Continues

Over the last few days, I've been having fun working on Manjaro Linux and customizing it to my liking. That's part of the fun loading GNU/Linux distribution on your computer, so I've been having fun.

One of my favorite desktop environments is LXDE. The developers have a wiki and a blog you can take a look at if you want to learn more about them. I like LXDE because, on my Surface Book, it is LIGHTNING fast. While the interface is a bit minimalist, that is the whole point. It's like putting a jockey saddle on a racehorse.

The main challenge with running LXDE on my Surface Book was that it just didn't work properly. Everything was TOO small to read. The high resolution of the Surface Book display is amazing, but I'd be straining my eyes to see what was going on. You get an idea of that with the image below:

Although it's readable, it needs to be a just a tad larger all around. So, I decided to give a different desktop environment a try...Budgie Desktop Environment. Surprisingly, it works great!! I'm really enjoying the Manjaro Linux experience with Budgie so far. It doesn't feel as fast as LXDE, but it looks fantastic and the speed difference is about the same as for Windows 10.


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