A @Wakelet Collection: Tips for Tech Directors

When I first started writing this blog entry, my goal was to focus on knowledge management and project management. Both are essential to a technology director. Then, I started wondering, "What else could I share that is critical for technology directors? And, I started to wonder, what might this look like organized into a Wakelet gathering wakelet collections in one place?

As you might imagine, I fell down the rabbit hole and organized stuff that many may find useful (or, perhaps not). One of the fun aspects of browsing other's content curation efforts is that you invariably must organize their content in your own way. So, I hope that my efforts here will make this possible for you.

By the way, wouldn't you like to see Wakelet get new features that make it more usable? Check out my suggested list of improvements for Wakelet and share the link with them!

Have fun exploring!

Two Examples

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