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Every time I turn around, I find myself creating or browsing Wakelet collections. If you're not familiar with Wakelet, it's a terrific content curation app that I have written about several times. In this blog entry, I'll share my Wakelet on Google Hacks.

By the way, wouldn't you like to see Wakelet get new features that make it more usable? Check out my suggested list of improvements for Wakelet and share the link with them!


In my blog entry at TCEA's TechNotes blog, where they are kind enough to publish my writings after heavy editing and revision, you can find my Twitter Takeaways: Wakelet for Content Curation. It's a great place to start, unless you want to jump straight into my Wakelet about Wakelet, shown below:

Would you ever use Wakelet for choice board creation? For fun, I explored that subject and expect a blog entry to come out on September 9, 2019 at TCEA TechNotes on my journey. It's always fun to juxtapose two crazy ideas (e.g. choice boards on as a wakelet collection).


Without further ado, here's my Wakelet on Google Hacks. Let me know what you think. It includes my own, as well as content I've curated from all over the place. And, yes, you can make a copy of it. After all, shouldn't we all be able to share stuff with each other easily? Oh no, don't get me started on pay walls or the silly idea we should lock up our content.


You may also want to check out Karyn Filhart's Wakelet on Google Summer 2019 Updates, if you haven't already:

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