A @Wakelet Collection: Exploring Hattie Strategies

 In this blog entry, I'll share my Wakelet on Exploring John Hattie's Effect Sizes and Instructional Strategies. I've been curious about it due to my work, and written a few blog entries about it. The more I read, the less certain I am about what I know works, especially in conjunction with technology, in the classroom. A part of me also recognizes the problems with Hattie's work, but I don't know if my reluctance to fully embrace Hattie's work is based on the problems with his research OR my own reservations about letting go of many years of research and work relevant to technology.

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Want to learn more about Wakelet? Check out this blog entry, Twitter Takeaways: Wakelet for Content Curation. It's a great place to start, unless you want to jump straight into my Wakelet about WakeletAnd, you can find past Wakelet collections featured in my blog.


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