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A Baker's Dozen: What I've Learned as a Tech Director

Reflecting on success may accelerate your growth. One approach that can be painful is reflecting on your failure. As a technology director in various sized school districts, I've had the chance to make mistakes.

Yep, that's right. Even with the fun stuff I've done and accomplished with the assistance of many others, there are times when I've failed. It can be humbling to realize you messed up. When you're starting out, it's easier to own your mistakes. "Hey boss," I'd start out, "I've screwed up."
"Did you learn something?" the boss would ask back after hearing me out.
"Yes, I sure did."

And that was that.

Lessons Learned From Failure Here are a few takeaways or lessons learned.

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What They Don't Teach You

As I have grown older, I'm amazed at the insights that pop up into my head. These thoughts slip into my consciousness, as if they are sap dripping from a spigot plugged into a maple tree. Not a torrent of wisdom, but a trickle that tickles as it goes old memories.

While I often miss them, I try to write them down on paper or type them up on my phone before the magic slips away. This evening, I was reflecting on something that happened when I worked in a smaller school district. It's probably safe to share the story now, as I've moved on from my work there as have the other folks in the story.

There are various morals that can be taken from a story like this. As I get older, I realize that my disappointment with how things turned out flowed from my sense of false expectations for how people interact with each other.

The Story He (let's call him Jerry) was one year away from retirement. Jerry was in charge of the asset management system for the District. He was supposed …