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Fresh Updates for Google Docs and Drive

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Five Action Steps to Growth Gap Innovation

Ready to maximize your school technology investments? Try this approach with campus culture initiatives. The approach? Juxtapose new technologies with strategies that close the growth gap.
TASA's Insight publication just published my article, Five Action Steps to Growth Gap Innovation. I was delighted to have the opportunity to write this article for TASA's publication on behalf of You can find the complete Spring, 2019 issue online.

I have to admit that I love the lead I wrote for this article, especially the question, "Where technology abounds, does innovation flourish?" It's such a wonderful question to ask, especially in schools that have ample access to tech. The answer is as simple as this:
Juxtapose tried-n-true strategies with new technologies in this series of action steps.
Want to read the unedited version? Scroll down and check out my blog entry. Otherwise, click the link to see the final version (they're not that different) in TASA's