A Blogger's Wit

In an astonishing Blast from the Past (that is, republished blog entries from Doug "Blue Skunk Blog" Johnson), Doug points out the following:
I've never made a secret of the fact that if I have any gift it is a shallow wit, not a deep intellect. And wit may well serve a writer better in a fast information culture than intellect. Bullet lists, sound bites, and bumper stickers are the snack foods of knowledge. Tasty, popular, and even addictive, but not nutritious. (Source: Blue Skunk Blog)
While I forget when Doug first wrote these words, I remember my reaction. I imagined that blogs were the junk food of the web. Now, years later, I know better.

Blogs represent freedom from an all-knowing editor who can reject to print your work. They allow anyone to have a voice. More important, they enable each of us to give activities we might never share by conventional means a voice in the world outside our environs.  A Seth Godin quote suggested anyone starting a business should write a blog.

In today's times, anyone who interacts with the world, who seeks to dig deeper than the surface learning those interactions make possible, should write. Blogs ensure, however, that the words you utter will not disappear in paper notebook destined for obscurity. Rather, your words go forth, to build alliances and connections with others who experience the world in ways the same and different.

Thanks for memories, Doug.

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