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Stage a Well-Designed Saturday Session and They Will Come!

Back in 1996 (wow, that was a LONG time ago), I wrote an article for publication in Technology Connections (3(3): 13-14) magazine. The article? Stage a Well-Designed Saturday Session and They Will Come!

I did a quick google search and found that it's been cited many times. What was all the excitement about? Too bad, you won't find a bootleg copy online. While 1996 may have been a good year, it was not so easy to publish content online (although many of us did try to). Now, you have a copy of the article below.

Well, here's an oldy but...well, you decide if it's still a goody. A question that's worth reflecting is, "How well have my 1996 assertions held up now that we are in 2019?"

Stage a Well-Designed Saturday Session and They Will Come!
"What?!? Come on a Saturday? Are you out of your mind?" said one elementary teacher to my suggestion that instructional technology training be done on Saturday mornings. When I first heard that response several yea…

eSchool News Publishes Writing

Over the past few years, I've often remarked that my experiences in education fuel my writing. The reason why is that writing helps me make sense of the world around me, as well as my place in it. As Benjamin Franklin said, "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing."

Thanks to and eSchoolNews, I'm happy to report a piece I wrote in 2019 a few weeks ago has been republished in eSchoolNews. The article was inspired by a workshop my colleague, Diana Benner, facilitated a few years ago. As I was perusing the old examples on her site, I asked myself, "How could this be updated and revised for today?"

Some of the additions and changes I made included the following:

Ideas that fellow Texan, Joy Schwartz, shared regarding celebrating STEM/STEAM successSharyland ISD's PD in Your Pajamas, introduced to me by Alfonso Mendoza, Jr.The use of infographics to capture and share digital stories from people who experienced history as it …

A Blogger's Wit

In an astonishing Blast from the Past (that is, republished blog entries from Doug "Blue Skunk Blog" Johnson), Doug points out the following:
I've never made a secret of the fact that if I have any gift it is a shallow wit, not a deep intellect. And wit may well serve a writer better in a fast information culture than intellect. Bullet lists, sound bites, and bumper stickers are the snack foods of knowledge. Tasty, popular, and even addictive, but not nutritious. (Source: Blue Skunk Blog) While I forget when Doug first wrote these words, I remember my reaction. I imagined that blogs were the junk food of the web. Now, years later, I know better.

Blogs represent freedom from an all-knowing editor who can reject to print your work. They allow anyone to have a voice. More important, they enable each of us to give activities we might never share by conventional means a voice in the world outside our environs.  A Seth Godin quote suggested anyone starting a business should w…

Duh...PortableApps Platform #free #awesome

Did you know about Portable Apps? I did but I didn't know one exciting aspect of it that has just changed how I do stuff.  First, here's a little about PortableApps:
The Platform™ is a full-featured portable software system that lets you build your own custom portable app suite for use use in your synced cloud folder, on your local PC, or on a portable USB drive. Think about it. You're an educator, student, and you need to run certain apps. Maybe you don't want those apps taking up space on the hard drive of your work computer. Maybe you need to safeguard files and folders since you never know who might be logging into your work computer.
Your PC On a USB Flash Drive PortableApps makes it easy to run what software you need on an inexpensive USB flash drive. lets you have all your favorite apps self contained to use from a synced cloud folder, on a local PC's internal or external drive, or carried on a portable device. Your browser…

Backup Your Google Drive

As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, there are a variety of solutions for getting your Google Drive content out of one location and putting it into another. One that I had heard then lost track of is an add-on that fellow Google Certified Trainer, Joseph Wood, shared in a conversation via the GCT group email list. 

The problem is simple. You are using G Suite EDU (or whatever), and you want to Copy a folder with all your amazing content to another Google account. You may be doing this because you want a quick backup, or you are hitting the road. How do you do it?

Before I take a look at it, I have to share what I have been doing. I had to take another look at available solutions because CloudHQ said, "Sorry, you've been freeloading too long!" (they didn't say that, and I'm grateful for what they have let me do).
Wait, Are there Other Ways To Get This Done?Here's what I shared via the GCT List:

#1 - Google Takeout - approach …

Technology and Water Scarcity

Looking forward to an article being published in this magazine's TechTake section (towards the back of the magazine).

INSIGHT is the association's professional quarterly journal contains news, features, research findings, and articles on issues related to education leadership, administrative management, curriculum and instruction, school finance, legislative issues, and technology. A subscription to INSIGHT is included with TASA membership. Read current and past issues via their website.
Be pretty awesome to join the ranks of notables such as Joy Freeman Schwartz​, Luann Hughes​, John Bimmerle​ and others. The title of the upcoming article is, "Five Action Steps to Growth Gap Innovation."

In the article, I outline 5 actions that District leaders can take. While I can't share those yet (hey, don't want to give it all away), here's the blurb and lead:
Ready to maximize your school technology investments? Try this approach with campus culture initiatives. Th…

Revisiting Cloud Solutions: Enboard Launches New & Improved SSO Portal

Note: This is an updated version to a blog entry I wrote awhile back.

As the identity management and data security needs of school districts continue to evolve, it’s important to employ tools that can keep pace. Enboard is an industry veteran whose expertise in paralleling and even predicting the direction EdTech growth sets them apart from the competition. Enboard has been implemented by over 35 school districts in Texas to date and their presence continues grow across the country.
Since reviewing the platform in 2016, Enboard has continued to improve upon their suite of products, which include account provisioning, resource rostering, identity authentication, and user analytics. The latest version of their Single Sign-On (SSO) portal takes the ease of access Enboard is well-known for and expands on it for more granular administrative control, improved navigation, and greater overall extensibility.
Backstory At a 2016 state-wide conference, I