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Memories: Stop Digital Privacy Violations & Writing-Technology Connection

My co-worker at TCEA, Susan Meyer, was kind enough to share a digital copy of my recent TechEdge article (in the FINAL ever print version of TechEdge) with me. It's hard to believe that after SO MANY years, the print version of TCEA's publication, TechEdge, will be retiring into that virtual space that all print publications must some day go.

What a pleasant journey it has been writing for TechEdge. For now, here's my final article in the final issue of TechEdge. It is shared with permission from TCEA.

It would be incomplete of me to NOT mention my FIRST publication. According to my CV, it was The Writing-Technology Connection in August, 1995. Wow. As you will see, I had not read about The List Article approach that came to dominate my writing in subsequent articles.
Guhlin, M. (August, 1995) “The Writing-Technology Connection”. TechEdge, volume 15(1), 16–18.For fun, here's my ORIGINAL TechEdge publication from August, 1995:
The Writing-Technology Connection by Miguel G…