Thursday, January 31, 2019

Google Plus - What a Pain.

You know, I hate to be a curmudgeon, but it's my prerogative, isn't it? Can you guess why?

No, no, it's not that I'm unhappy with the GSFE Admins Community. I'm unhappy that my Google+ account is going away.

You see, I signed up for all my Google Certified Trainer, etc. communities and more. Did I sign up with school district account? Of course not! After all, what if I decided to move from one place to another (which I have since 2010)?

The real issue is that my Gmail account will lose access on April 2nd. Security breach aside, I'm irritated that I'm going to lose access. And, you know what? I'm not going to sign back up using a G Suite EDU account. But even if I did, wouldn't it be neat if Google had prepared a migration tool?
Just a photo to remember my G+ Communities

A migration tool. You know, somewhere you go to type your current Google Plus account then a G Suite EDU account, a list of communities you wanted to migrate execute button. At the end of the process, all your G+ accounts associated with your consumer/personal Gmail account will have been migrated to the target G Suite EDU account. How hard could that be?

I still remember the day I move an entire community from Facebook to Google +. Now, looking back, I realize I made a mistake. I trusted Google to keep Google + working for the long run.

Wait, don't think I'm ungrateful, Google. I use your products every day. I am a paying customer for Gmail. I'm already looking at Cloud Connect.


Every year, Google introduces interesting new products and services.
Inevitably people will use some of those products.
Google introduces them because they believe these products
will add value to their current offerings, and they are correct.
Inevitably some of these products will become beloved by many, many people. Then one day google announces that the service you know and love is going away.
Sometimes they replace it, sometimes they don't,
but without fail it is never quite the same. (Source)

The image below doesn't quite cover recent deaths but it's worth considering.

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