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This past weekend, I had the opportunity to satisfy my curiosity about Google's Applied Digital Skills. Of course, I had already written about it in my TCEA hosted, 5E Modeling: Google's Applied Digital Skills. That said, I wanted to see how others presented. I know my Texas colleague, Amy Mayer, has been sharing about the training she is doing.

In fact, it was Amy that piqued my interest with mention of a new Google certification. In a happy coincidence, that info spurred me to seek out an available training. I am grateful that Eric Curts agreed to offer the session at TMI: Episcopal in San Antonio, Texas on December 8th. This session allowed me to meet up with the incomparable Eric Curts, and satisfy my curiosity. Amy writes:
The one most applicable to K-12 education and our discussion is called "Google Cloud Certified: G Suite." You can see all of the new certifications listed here...The latest certification is actually most applicable to STUDENTS who want to enter the workforce with proof that they have displayed competency in using a wide array of G Suite tools...this test is proctored by a real live person who will watch you the entire time through your webcam...If you are not taking the test in a certified testing center, you will need to show your proctor around your testing space so that s/he can verify there are no other people or devices around which could help you with the test. 

Amy goes on to write the following:
....there is a perfect way to prepare yourself or your students for this certification, the Applied Digital Skills program, read more about it here. This program is provided free by Google and is open to everyone. Teachers can register themselves and create class groups so that they can assign lessons and monitor progress, or users can register independently as students and progress at their own pace.  
So, with this information in mind, on Saturday morning, December 8th I made my way to TMI Episcopal School (What a beautiful campus!). Imagine my surprise when I found out the speaker was none other than Eric Curts (not affiliated with Amy Mayer or Fried Technology).
From Left to Right: Miguel Guhlin, Eric Curts
The TMI Espicopal folks were excellent hosts, laying out coffee and delicious pastries. Fortunately, I had just had a delicious breakfast at 281 & 1604 Mexican restaurant, Las Palapas (the best of the chain in San Antonio, a point worth keeping in mind for the upcoming TCEA 2019 Convention!).

As you can see from the pic above, it was a packed room. I didn't do a headcount but there were about 15+ folks in the small meeting room. Eric did a phenomenal job sharing his insights. Eric also had wonderful resources and materials.

A short time afterwards, I received the following certificate:

Thanks, Eric! Folks, be sure to check out Eric's blog, Control-Alt-Achieve.

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