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Applied Digital Skills

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to satisfy my curiosity about Google's Applied Digital Skills. Of course, I had already written about it in my TCEA hosted, 5E Modeling: Google's Applied Digital Skills. That said, I wanted to see how others presented. I know my Texas colleague, Amy Mayer, has been sharing about the training she is doing.

In fact, it was Amy that piqued my interest with mention of a new Google certification. In a happy coincidence, that info spurred me to seek out an available training. I am grateful that Eric Curts agreed to offer the session at TMI: Episcopal in San Antonio, Texas on December 8th. This session allowed me to meet up with the incomparable Eric Curts, and satisfy my curiosity. Amy writes:
The one most applicable to K-12 education and our discussion is called "Google Cloud Certified: G Suite." You can see all of the new certifications listed here...The latest certification is actually most applicable to STUDENTS who want to e…