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Assessing Learning

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to write a blog entry on "Effectively Assessing Digital Learning." The story started easy enough:
“I’m working on a technology grant. We have to assess students in grades 5-8. I need a free, cheap digital literacy assessment for 5-8th grade,” Janet said. “Do you have any ideas?” The question made me pause for a moment, casting back over time. Where had I seen such an assessment before? Mankato Public Schools had one, a simple listing of technology skills for students. That had been over twelve years ago. has such an assessment, but it costs money. Then, I had a flash of insight. Was a list of digital skills the best way to approach this? The lingering questions, though, raised some doubt in my mind:

Effectively assessing: What IS effective assessment anyways? Sure, I've seen all the same diagrams you've seen. From my old constructivist classroom approach, "to know is to know how to make." That's pretty…

Featuring Coding for Non-Coding Educators

On Wednesday, November 28, 2018, I'm looking forward to listening to James D. Turnage. The topic? Coding Activities for the Non-Techy Teacher.
Learn how to create fun coding activities on high-interest topics like Star Wars, Minecraft, and even the characters from Disney's Frozen. Explore low or no-technology activities so can engage students both online and off! James' bio includes the following:
Greetings! My name is James Turnage. I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters. I obtained my B.S. in Computer Science from Prairie View A&M University. Afterwards, I had a great opportunity to work as a sub-contractor for NASA. I later switched roles to provide instructional tech support for Galveston ISD. Shortly after, I pursued my teaching certificate and taught Computer Science & IT related courses while also working towards obtaining my Masters in Educational Technology Leadership from Lamar University.  I am now currently working for Clear Creek ISD and …

Writing About the 5E Model Plus ISTE Standards

What fun it is to write blog entries about the 5E Lesson Plan model. Since I became an ISTE Certified Educator, I've had fun blending ISTE Standards into published writings. In this blog entry, you'll find a few as well as a longer article.
Here are a few of the pieces I've written that blend ISTE Standards into them. How might you do the same?

Three TCEA TechNotes Blog Entries These first three blog entries make reference to ISTE Standards. The last two include other learning related activities. All entries appeared in the TCEA TechNotes blog online at

Here goes....
Five Guideposts for Making Learning Connections: How do you connect your own learning with others? One way that I create learning connections involves blogging. It translates into reflecting on my own efforts and setting loose learning goals. These flexible goals allow me to learn at my own pace as I move forward towards measurable growth. But I did not always approach learning th…