Friday, October 12, 2018

Gone To Texas: Flipgrid

Isn't it amazing? The Team Flipgrid folks are coming to Texas next week. I'm going to detail their info in the blog post below. If I mention certain FREE TEXAS CONFERENCES, I'm not necessarily offering an endorsement. After all, it's just information. @edtechtinker is doing plenty of sharing (stop it, my twitter inbox can't handle it all!).

Bluebonnets, BBQ, ranches, The Alamo, sweet tea, live music, Dr. Pepper, the State Fair, and 100s of inspiring educators and students?! Yeehaw! The Lone Star #FipgridBusTour is on the horizon!
This October, we’re saddling up for a series of #StudentVoice Rallies, Brain Zing PD Sessions, and - of course - Flipgrid fun all across the state of Texas! There’s plenty of room in this state for the four, five, hundreds of us: join us on Twitter with the hashtag #FlipgridBusTour and, if you’re in the Texas area, let’s meet up in person! Check out our route and RSVP for the Dallas/Fort Worth Educator meetup, Texas State Fair shenanigans, and/or our TCCA Tailgate.
  • Sunday Night (October 14) Fort Worth #FlipgridFever #SingASong #MoreCowbell #MicDrop #FlipHunt 🤠 Join us: RSVP here!
  • #StudentVoice is Magic Rally 🔮 Austin Middle School, Misty Griffin
  • #StudentVoice is Magic Rally 🔮 Coppell Middle School East, Jodie Deinhammer
  • #StudentVoice is Magic Rally 🔮 Liberty Junior High, Lydia Croupe
  • #StudentVoice is Magic Rally 🔮 Celina High School, Tisha Poncio + Deborah Zeman
  • #TacoPD 🌮
  • Texas State Fair 🤠 Join us: RSVP here!
  • #StudentVoice is Magic Rally 🔮 Spradley Elementary, Cheramie Hawkins
  • #FlipgridFever Brain Zing PD 🧠 Baldwin Elementary School, Lauren Hollander
  • #FlipgridFever Brain Zing PD 🧠 North East Independent School District, Gabriel Carrillo
  • #FlipgridFever Brain Zing PD 🧠 Cypress-Fairbanks ISD, Manny Curiel
  • Thursday Night (October 18) Houston #FlipgridFever #SingASong #MoreCowbell #MicDrop #FlipHunt 🤠 Join us: RSVP here!
  • #StudentVoice is Magic Rally 🔮 Navasota High School, Jamie Spikerman
  • #StudentVoice is Magic Rally 🔮 Keenan Elementary School, Amy Storer
  • TCCA Tailgate 🤠 Join us: RSVP here!

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