Fire Kindling

A few years ago, I noticed that my energy level dipped. Ok, it slumped. I found myself unable to crawl up to the second floor of the house, much less crank out a blog entry. It drove me crazy. I figured I'd reached that age when you realize, it's time to hang up your guns and go tend a garden.

I would try to exercise but I felt so weary, exhausted that I'd lay down on the couch. After two and a half years of that, I finally went to see a doctor. My new doctor told me what the problem was. Vitamin D deficiency. I immediately started taking Vitamin D and threw in some multi-vitamins, fish oils, and B12 complex. In no time, my energy level was back. I felt freakin' heroic. My vim and vigor came back and I felt myself start to get my fire back. And, it's only been a few months.

But then, I couldn't help it. I asked myself, why had I waited so long to go see a doctor? The answer was simple...I didn't know anything was wrong, and it never occurred to me to check with a doctor. I thought it was a will power thing. That it was all in my head.

What does this have to do with writing? Well, the fact that I'm sitting here writing reminds me that I'm not freakin' dead. That a little thing like Vitamin D could kick my rear and that all it took was gettin' some vitamins to feel better.

I don't know why exactly but this paragraph kicked that story loose:
An old article "Why I Write for Publication" still reflects my motivation for writing. And the reasons are all pretty much work related. As retirement nears, I plan on writing to still be a part of it. I'm not much interested in writing a novel or short stories. Seems there are plenty of grumpy old guys already writing and travel writers don't seem to be in short supply. I have a few months to find a niche. (Source: The Blue Skunk Blog)
Doug Johnson writes he is almost close to retirement. Looking for a niche to write about. I often find myself asking the same thing. But as long as the fire pulses in me, I can't imagine not writing. It brings such peace.

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