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Monitor Your Animoto?

In a disappointing turn of events, Animoto (link to their blog where I don't see anything mentioned about the data breach or email....hmm), the darling video maker of yesteryear, announced a data breach. It's not brand new information, but I had missed the news when it came out in August. An email from them appears further down below. Did you get one? How did it make you feel?
 Firefox Monitor
While data breaches continue to pop up, new tools also appear to let you know what's happening. One of them is Firefox Monitor, a new service from Mozilla that not only lets you check to see how you've been compromised, it also will send you a detailed report. Watch this short video.

As soon as you signup, you'll get a report that looks a bit like this (or not if you haven't been compromised but chances are, you have been!):

Here's the email Animoto was kind enough to send my way:

Notice of Data BreachDear Animoto Community, I'm writing to notify you about an issue…