Monday, August 6, 2018

Five Tips for CTOs at the Start of School

As I look back on my years as a technology director, and director of instructional technology, several points come to mind. In the rush at the start of a school year, it's easy to forget the basics of working with people in a leadership position. I have always had to work harder to keep these basics in mind. That's why I spend more time on them when considering the CTO role than time on the technical, boxes and wires stuff (which folks often put the most emphasis on).

You can read my Back to School: Five Tips for CTOs online. Here are a few, although I hope you'll read the whole blog entry linked above.


  1. Share Progress on Achieving the Vision and Mission
  2. Acknowledge Wicked Problems, Then Show Your Work
  3. Connect with Stakeholders at District, Campus, and Classroom Levels
  4. Cross-train Your Staff
  5. Build Your Own Leadership Skills
What tips do you have for CTOs at the start of the school year? One really obvious one...don't wait until the start of the school year to get ready for it.

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