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Overview of the professional development workshop
The two-day professional development workshop is designed to provide a dynamic hands-on learning experience for educators. The goal is to equip both professional development providers and teachers with tools and techniques that they can immediately use to modernize and enhance their own curriculum and also to prepare professional development providers to share Hacking STEM with other teachers. The goal is to provide learning experiences that will prepare educators with skills to leverage Microsoft technology and positively impact student learning.

The Hacking STEM professional development workshop engages teachers in a project based, collaborative learning environment. Educators are encouraged to approach STEM education and Data Science in an authentic, real-world context. During the workshop, participants become students and proceed through the Hacking STEM lessons engaging in scientific inquiry and engineering design. Science, engineering, and math concepts are brought to life with live Excel data visualized from scientific instruments constructed by participants from everyday materials. Participants gain the necessary skills to deliver this content in their own context. They also have the opportunity to develop a plan for organizing their respective classrooms to effectively implement STEM experiences.

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July 31, 8:00AM -
August 1, 5:00PM
August 6, 8:00AM -
August 7, 5:00PM

August 8, 8:00AM -
August 9, 5:00PM

August 16, 8:00AM -
August 17, 5:00PM

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