It's always amazing to me to see how social media tools have been leveraged to bring big conferences to the world for free. I remember my first efforts to do this in Texas, and I'm gratified to see that free educator sharing model has flourished!

Ok, so here are some of the resources I've been keeping track of...where can I find other curated resources?


  1. Acer Chromebook 10 tablet resources from David Andrade
  2. Book Giveaway - Fill out the form and retweet 
  3. Edublogs Awesome #NotAtISTE resources (see their list of links)
  4. EdTech Team LIVE broadcast from ISTE
  5. Google Plus Community by Jen Wagner focused on #NotAtISTE
  6. Google Updates LIVE from ISTE
  7. LEGO Master Live
  8. TeachMeet ISTE Schedule

Sketchnotes from ISTE (#sketchiste hashtag)

These links will take you to sketchnotes of ISTE sessions/ideas.

  • An Emoji Education
  • Building Relationships to Take Learning to the Next Level
  • Challenge-based Learning
  • Coaching Session
  • Design Thinking
  • Digital Citizenship
  • ISTE 2018
  • ISTE Ignite
  • SketchISTE

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