Big Changes for TodaysMeet and Dotstorming Users

You've heard the news about TodaysMeet shutting down July 16th, right? If not, take a moment to read the TCEA TechNotes' blog, where Lori writes the following about TodaysMeet's demise:
One of my favorite backchannel tools is going away soon. Are there any replacements to ease its going? Read on to find out!

It’s been a hard day for me today. I learned that one of my favorite free educational tools is going away. Effective June 16, the backchannel resource TodaysMeet will be gone.
TodaysMeet's sole creator cites lack of personal time to maintain this labor of love. I suspect a part of this involves all the changes that would need to be made as a result of the European Union's increased privacy expectations (GDPR).

Thank you, @TodaysMeet Creator and Maintainer, for your hard work in supporting education. You will NOT be forgotten and you set the standard for new BackChannels.
While Lori mentions a few alternatives to TodaysMeet, after trying them, I have settled on Tozzl (h/t: Richard Byrne) for a free, educator-friendly alternative to easy to setup backchannels with image/file/twitter/youtube embedding,  and more.

Learn More About Tozzl
Some quick points about Tozzl, a digital pinboard you may want to consider:
  • It is a free platform for people around the world without the need to register, no data stockpiling, no advertisement, and no analytics software. It is simply a site from people for people.
  • is free and will remain free in the future. The website finances itself through donations. Furthermore, we have an on-premise solution for enterprise or education. (Miguel's Note: How long will this last? We don't know but always plan your exit strategy for any free web-based service you rely on)
  • does not require any kind of registration. You can use it completely anonymous.
  • stores all data in european data centers
  • each pinboard has a unique URL. Share them only with trustworthy people. Then if you need more security, you can set two passwords to your tozzl. Only those who know the passwords can edit or delete the pinboard.  
 Give it a whirl.

Dotstorming Pulls a Padlet!
And, if you haven't heard, the popular Dotstorming tool (more like Padlet) is going to limit free accounts to ONE board. Gareth Marland (one person show at Dotstorming) writes:
Firstly, I want to thank you for joining Dotstorming! The support over the years has really been a source of motivation to work and make Dotstorming better. The site really couldn't be where it is without all the feedback and word of mouth praise!

With that said though, the site is now at a point where it really needs to grow. The current subscriptions to the Gold Account for the last few years haven't been enough to keep the lights on, let alone invest further in the things that could really use improvement. There are things like the design of the site, lack of marketing and a million other things that stop Dotstorming from ever reaching its potential.

In order to try and push things to the next level, starting next week (Monday 7th May) the standard account will only include 1 free board. Not to worry though, you will also get a free 1 month Gold so the changeover will not be too abrupt.
[Note: Text above correct to reflect May 7th, rather than April 7th, per a follow-up email from the Dotstorming creator]
Educators have little choice (pay for an expensive enterprise solution or go with a one-person shop like TodaysMeet/Dotstorming) for selecting tools they use at low cost. Maybe its time we started to push to see awesomeness like TodaysMeet, Padlet, Dotstorming incorporated into more traditional tools.

Google, Microsoft, are you listening?

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