2018 Honor Roll: #EdTech 's Must-Read K-12 IT Blogs

Wow, what an amazing selection of blogs to read over at EdTech Magazine's website. You'll find a list of awesome bloggers, some of whom I've been blogging/interacting with for years.
See the list here

What catches my eye in addition to fresh voices and faces is the old voices and faces. Consider folks (and in some cases, friends) like Dr. Scott McLeod, Susan Bearden, Tim Stahmer, Eric Curts, Kasey "Shake Up Learning" Bell, Jennifer Gonzalez, Alice Barr, and many others. These mainstays have been blogging for some time, continuing to deliver incredible ideas and spurring all of us to be better, do our best for the sake of K-Adult learners (and, probably, themselves...what blogger hasn't written to learn more, to deepen their own experience?).

Some of the blogs that I have been reading--and I'm thrilled for their appearance on the EdTech Magazine's list of Must-Reads--for fresh insights include (in no particular order):
I will have to explore others on the list. I'll be adding them to my RSS aggregator. Steve Wick (Know Your Why) and Laura Bradley (Middle School English) has intrigued me with their blogs.

Every day, I wake up and read/tweet these folks and others who are sharing great insights into teaching, learning and leading. I continue to be humbled to find a place, even towards the end of the EdTech Magazine list, in this group of luminaries. There may come a day when Around the Corner falls into obscurity, when the excitement and enthusiasm for learning finds another outlet. But that day has not arrived just yet. Thank goodness for coffee and restorative naps.

Some of my favorites for content curation:
  • Get Pocket.com: This remains my favorite content tool. Anything I find on my mobile device or on my computer, I promptly save to Pocket. 
  • Flipboard.com: A fantastic curation tool since anything you “flip” into a digital magazine (ezine for short) becomes an easy-to-share resource with others. People can subscribe and leave comments. Imagine creating a flipboard ezine for your class on a particular topic or having students collaborate and contribute to a shared ezine.  
I send out everything I find worth sharing out via one or both of these tools:
  • IFTTT.com: If This Then That allows you to create mini-apps, or recipes, that execute when a trigger action occurs. For example, if I add a tag “2tweet” to a web article I save on one of my content curation tools, Pocket or Diigo, that item appears as a tweet within thirty minutes. If I add a tag “tceamie,” the item is posted to a Slack group for technology directors and coordinators.
  • Microsoft Flow: A newcomer to the scene, Flow works like IFTTT, yet it works hand-in-hand with Office 365 tools. Visit their website to see some sample “flows.”
 Curious about how I put it all together? Read this blog entry, Align Your Social Media.
Organization Blogs
Subscribe: TCEA Blog | Around the Corner
I would be remiss to not point you to these organization blogs, one of which has been kind enough to share a few hundreds of my scribblings after a bit of editing/revision. Check them out.
  •  TCEA's TechNotes: This is the blog of my employer. A wide variety of topics (my favorite kind) distinguish the ideas shared in this blog. TechNotes bloggers write to a schedule of a wide variety of topics in education. I'm happy to confess we have great editorial support, Readability plugins that help us spot passive voices and more. Read my contributions
  • ISTE's Blog: There isn't a week that goes by that I don't find myself visiting the ISTE blog to see how they've approached a topic.
Curious about what's in the future for TCEA's blog entries? Hmm...be sure to subscribe to the TCEA RSS feed using Inoreader or Feedly.

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