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Big Changes for TodaysMeet and Dotstorming Users

You've heard the news about TodaysMeet shutting down July 16th, right? If not, take a moment to read the TCEA TechNotes' blog, where Lori writes the following about TodaysMeet's demise:
One of my favorite backchannel tools is going away soon. Are there any replacements to ease its going? Read on to find out!

It’s been a hard day for me today. I learned that one of my favorite free educational tools is going away. Effective June 16, the backchannel resource TodaysMeet will be gone. TodaysMeet's sole creator cites lack of personal time to maintain this labor of love. I suspect a part of this involves all the changes that would need to be made as a result of the European Union's increased privacy expectations (GDPR).

Thank you, @TodaysMeet Creator and Maintainer, for your hard work in supporting education. You will NOT be forgotten and you set the standard for new BackChannels. While Lori mentions a few alternatives to TodaysMeet, after trying them, I have settled on T…

2018 Honor Roll: #EdTech 's Must-Read K-12 IT Blogs

Wow, what an amazing selection of blogs to read over at EdTech Magazine's website. You'll find a list of awesome bloggers, some of whom I've been blogging/interacting with for years.

What catches my eye in addition to fresh voices and faces is the old voices and faces. Consider folks (and in some cases, friends) like Dr. Scott McLeod, Susan Bearden, Tim Stahmer, Eric Curts, Kasey "Shake Up Learning" Bell, Jennifer Gonzalez, Alice Barr, and many others. These mainstays have been blogging for some time, continuing to deliver incredible ideas and spurring all of us to be better, do our best for the sake of K-Adult learners (and, probably, themselves...what blogger hasn't written to learn more, to deepen their own experience?).

Some of the blogs that I have been reading--and I'm thrilled for their appearance on the EdTech Magazine's list of Must-Reads--for fresh insights include (in no particular order):
Jennifer Gonzalez' Cult of Pedagog…

Trimming Tabs on Firefox Quantum

After returning to Firefox as my default browser (and keeping a copy of Torch Browser around for Chrome compatibility, etc), I found myself wanting to banish the tab bar that has become so commonplace. Since the process took more than 2 minutes, I figured I better write it down.

To be clear, I am working on a Windows 10 computer and want to make the traditional tab bar that appears all the time in Firefox (and most other browsers) disappear.
Since I was removing my tab bar across the top of the screen, I also sought out a way to view my tabs using Tree Style Tabs, a Firefox add-on.

 How to Remove the Tab Bar?
To remove the tabs bar, I found my user profile folder. You can find it by going to the "hamburger stack," those three horizontal lines at the top right corner of Firefox, clicking on Help then on Troubleshooting.
When you open Troubleshooting Information, you will see the following window...note the OPEN FOLDER button next to your Profile Folder location (hi…