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Becoming a Digital Interactor

"He who would lead must build a bridge." The aphorism applies when working with a variety of community groups. Each group has different expectations of how you should interact with them. To be successful, it is important to embrace various aspects of the digital interactor. Please find some quick tips for communicating with cultural competency with students, parents, colleagues. The goal for all must be centered around student learning. We work together as co-collaborators to improve student learning.

Ready to get started reviewing three tips for communicating with cultural competency?

Tip #1 - Notice. 
Whether working in remote or urban center school district, it became clear that low socio-economic families are similar in their needs. Yet, each enjoyed subtle differences to which attention had to be paid. That's why Tip #1 is focused on noticing the differences and expectations that each group comes to the table with. In fact, some families in low socio-economic settin…

Teaching and Learning that Works - Attend HBU'sTeaching & Learning Symposium #STEM #txed #edtech

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Houston Baptist University will host its 10th Annual Teaching and Learning Symposium on Saturday, April 14, 2018.  The keynote speaker will be Miguel Guhlin, Director of Professional Development for

Keynote title: Making Fire: Kindling STEM Learning in Your Classroom.

Creating classrooms that facilitate transformational learning has ever been a challenge. Let's rediscover what works in the context of Do It Yourself (DIY) STEM, technology-blended hands-on learning in the classroom. The mark of any revolution is to inflame the hearts of learners, to set the world on fire. In this presentation, Miguel will share five tips for kindling STEM-powered  learning in your classroom.Join the Quest for What Works I look forward to seeing you in person at the event on April 14th. Choose from a variety of presentations about “Teaching and Learning Strategies that Work” during each of t…

Farewell, Padlet

Earlier this week, a colleague pointed out Padlet had gone pay. As the EdSurge article points out, the cost appears to have gone from $0 to $100 a year (actually, $99 a year). The cost increase made me do what I have done countless times since I started saving content in online spaces--Decide to say goodbye to a tool. In fact, that's what I did with Diigo many years ago.

In Texas? Why don't you attend the 10th Annual Teaching and Learning Symposium at Houston Baptist University on Saturday, April 14th for the awesome prize of $10 for online registration. Find out more and register now.
After that controversy, they did develop (or maybe unveiled) their free education version. But to be blunt, while they have lingered on, I suppose they died a little that day as a service. Padlet, in its radical change, may also have just sank its ship.

Apr 2MoreI'm so disappointed is no longer 100% free, not even for teachers. I can only make 3 more free pad…