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Over the last few weeks, I've been pinching myself. I can't quite wrap my head around a simple fact. During the month of March, I'll be joining awesome educators in Singapore. Hang on, let me look back over that sentence and see what I just wrote.


A few years ago, I had the opportunity to present at a conference at the Downtown Campus of the University of Texas at San Antonio. One of the incredible takeaways was that teachers in Singapore were already learning about the ISTE NETS for teachers, readying themselves for teaching life in America. It blew my mind that educators so far away were preparing to teach in America.

Upcoming Event: Journey to Innovation: 2018 TCEA Microsoft AcademyThe Microsoft Academy will feature amazing educators sharing their best ideas for the use of MS tools in the classroom. Won’t you join them?


Soon,  I'll be joining the team of Microsoft Innovative Educators (MIE) at the fabled E2 Conference in (here it comes again), Singapore. I'm deeply honored to be among those chosen (about 300 or so educators from all over). 

Check out the rest of the folks going:

Over the last year, I've served with John Bimmerle as a Microsoft Innovative Education (MIE) Fellow. For me, the work has been about responding to the questions and needs of others, working to build an online community where Texas MIE folks can connect. Are you using Microsoft tools? Join the TCEA MIE Facebook group and connect.

As I reflect on the journey that has brought me to this point, I can't help but be grateful for any work that empowers me to connect and assist others on such a grand scale.


"How many service centers are there in Texas?" my Dad asked me once. I explained to him that there were 20 across Texas. He was impressed. "So, you are one of 20 to 40 people around Texas who help teachers use computers in their classrooms?" I replied in the affirmative. Now, I can imagine his pride if I told him, there's only one in the world, and that I'm headed to Singapore with their support. He would be overjoyed and excited for me. It is a feeling I often have when I reflect on my own children going places and doing things beyond my understanding.

When I reflect on the path to this point, I can't help but express how grateful I am to fellow educators who have assisted me. I know I'm grateful to TCEA's leadership team (you know who you are), my teammates, to Microsoft partners like Maria, Robyn, Jennifer, and Ginelle. It seems so easy to say I'm grateful. The words are insufficient to express my sense of appreciation.

What Am I Looking Forward To the Most?

While the appeal of traveling 22+ hours in a plane is excitement enough (wait, you probably don't know I stocked up on Audible books and ebooks so I will be doing one of the things I love best--reading), what really has me jazzed is learning about MakeCode and Minecraft: Education Edition.
What are you taking with you on the plane trip? For those of you that are curious, I have no doubt that thousands of zombies are going to die on my journey to Singapore in The Mountain Man series. If that gets boring, I may switch to Battle Mage. Or, perhaps, B.V. Larson's Steel World and Dust World books.

I wish I hadn't rushed through Terry Mancour's awesome Spellmonger series (it's truly hilarious and awesome). Ok, I also wished that I was listening to Jonathan Moeller's stuff, but I read/listen to it when it comes out. I have too many ebooks to mention loaded up on Amazon or side-loaded into my phone. In fact, you'd think the only reason I was traveling to Singapore was to listen to all the great books (ok, you caught me!).

Like any other adult learner, I want to learn about something that's relevant to my work. In a few months, I'll be guiding other educators through Minecraft: Education Edition, and knowing how to do the coding will be immensely helpful. Of course, I had planned to learn it on my own, but now, I will have the chance to learn it from Stephen Reid (founder of Immersive Minds), whom I mention in many of my MEE sessions. I'll also get a chance to meet folks like Mark Grundel.

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