Thursday, March 22, 2018

Listen to these Microsoft #E2 Voxercasts

While at the Microsoft E2 Conference, I had a chance to chat with several folks about their projects. These were really quick interviews done.

I wish I had enjoyed more time to meet and interview all the folks that presented (hmm, maybe that could be a requirement for next a video presentation of your poster session?).

Audio From Featured Speakers

Here are a few of the interviews:

  1. Listen to opening recording. I'm impressed that the audio turned out so well. If I had any doubts about the iRig mic working on my Android phone, then this recording settled those! Audio came in great.
  2. Listen to one of the speakers share her journey from teacher to software engineer. "Fail fast, learn faster." Powerful story about perseverance, failure and
  3. Listen to Anthony Salcito share about E2 and what it is about. These are his opening remarks at the event. Check this tweet video for more.
  4. Listen to Anthony Salcito responds to the question, how does technology improve learning outcomes? 
  5. One of the featured speakers shares a vision of celebrating success of people who are using tech.
  6. Micro:bit in a Digital Maker program in Singapore.
  7. Listen to this great presentation by Dr Molly Z. See her slidedeck online.

Ten Interviews with E2 Learning Marketplace Poster Session Presenters

Here are a few of the folks I interviewed:

Interview #1 - Martin Castro from Guatemala: This was a fun interview since I did it in Spanish. You'll catch me code-switching as I try to share the website. Sigh.

Interview #2 - Adin Begic from Bosnia & Herzegovina: What a joy to meet Adin and get to chat with him throughout the E2 Conference.

Interview #3 - Brittney Hebnes (USA): So nice to make another friend from the USA.

Interview #4 - Lindsey Troyanoski (USA)

Interview #5 - Lindelani Mhlongo (South Africa)

Interview #6 - Kris Vande Moortel from Belgium

Interview #7 - Sereen: Listen to at the conference on educational apps for the 21St century classroom

Interview #8 - Hongrae Kim from Korea 
(more pics here)

Interview #9 - Stephane Cloatre from France

Interview #10 - Nabila Hamed

Whew! There were over 400 educators at E2 and I only managed to chat with ten. Still, what an inspiration to listen to these talented educators again.

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