Eureka! Classic #GoogleSites Migration Tool

Eureka! At long last, you can now migrate classic Google Sites to the "new" Google Sites. Isn't that amazing news?

Note that this is only for personal Gmail-based Google Sites. This won't work on the Google Suites for Education just yet. And, there are some pages that just won't be transferable (e.g.

The folks at Steegle have a great tutorial and step by step. It would be a shame to re-create one since they did such a good job. Go check it out!

Trying It Out

For my first effort, I decided to go big with my old Classic Sites ePortfolio site. It has TONS of content.
 Unfortunately, since I use Announcements feature (heck, most of my classic Sites do), I won't be able to take advantage of the migration tool right away.

But, wait I do have ONE Example!

Fortunately, I did find one out of my many (tears streaming down my face) classic Sites that I can migrate:

After clicking the "Try It Now" link at the top of the page, I was transferred to this screen:

Which then showed me....

And then after hitting CONTINUE:

and results in this...

As you can see, I can re-publish the NEW Sites to the old address where the classic version was. Since this is a portfolio item for me, I went ahead and published it.

Google is kind enough to send you an email letting you know what's happening....

You can find the converted site online at

Worked great!

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