Always Faithful

Upon reading of Wikispaces upcoming demise, I felt a bit of nostalgia. Although Wikispaces has graciously continued to host my content ( for YEARS (since at least 2006), I have been unfaithful to this old friend. New tools (e.g. old Google Sites, OneNote, new Google Sites) long ago convinced me to abandon it.
Wikispaces recently announced that it is closing shop in mid-2018 - at least for those of us who use the free service. I have used this tool for my workshop support materials and promoted its use to countless classroom teachers and librarians in those workshops for a dozen years or more. So it is sad to see an old and comfortable friend retire. Source: Doug Johnson, Blue Skunk Blog
Wikispaces, unlike many of other Web 2.0 tools, remained faithful to educators. I never remember it seeking to monetize itself on the backs of educators. For that alone, Wikispaces remains one of the best Web 2.0 services.

Thank you, Wikispaces. Your faithfulness won't be forgotten.

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