Monday, January 22, 2018

Exploring @Spyrus_inc Windows To Go (Part 2)

A short time ago, I posted Part 1 of my review of SPYRUS Windows To Go live drive, which essentially gives you a computer on a USB stick with a LOT more "oomph." I'm actually writing Part 2 of this blog entry on my Surfacebook, and it's humming along without any issues.
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Here are a few takeaways:

Takeaway #1 - Consistent Across Win10 Devices

When I began the adventure with Spyrus, I started on a Lenovo W540 Thinkpad. I did a lot of configuration before saving my settings and shutting down the machine. I expected there to be a few issues when I hooked up the Spyrus Windows To Go drive to my Surfacebook, but, believe it or not, there wasn't a one! The start up process worked flawlessly. All I had to do was click on SHIFT at Shut Down time, select USB Storage as my startup/boot, and Spyrus loaded without any problems.

As I type this, Windows 10 on Spyrus live drive is pulling down all the drivers for my connected devices, everything from my Apple USB ethernet Adapter (hey, I already had one laying around, why buy a Microsoft only one?) to connected monitors, Surface keyboard, mice, etc.

Takeaway #2 - Installing Apps...Easy

You might think that installing programs on a portable drive would result in a performance hit, but that was NOT the case! I was able to quickly copy my installer files onto the live Drive from my own Windows 10 machine, then once booted up, install the programs. The process was quick.

Takeaway #3 - Storage Capacity

You may not have noticed on the images I shared in Part 1 of the actual Spyrus I received, but the capacity is 32GB. Surprisingly, I wondered if this would be enough. Of course, it is. Even after loading more programs on the device, there seems plenty of room left over for files and more. I can just imagine that if I'm using cloud storage (e.g. OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox) I will be able to easily access content and save more online. Right now, I have about 5.92 gigs of space available. I'm sure I could lighten the load but 5gigs can go a long ways without cloud storage enabled.

Overall Takeaway

You know, this is pretty nice. I'm wondering what would be the easiest way to get a registered Windows 10 Pro loaded on the Spyrus Windows To Go live drive. This makes jumping from device to device so much easier!

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Marty Caise said...

I would agree with all of the takeaways. I evaluated this device as well and from an education industry standpoint (K-12 and Higher education) it is a nice cost savings and drastically repair issues versus that of traditional desktops or laptops. While security issues can arise from devices like these, they can be controlled from within the configuration of the device itself. My evaluation is still in progress as I continue to evaluate it from a private sector aspect which presents similar and other unique challenges. My review will be posted soon on my website.

DET said...

Part 3, look at booting with a Mac.

DET said...

What security issues are you seeing? Have you tried making the boot sector read only. As a fully hardware encrypted drive security issues are easily controlled. You should also look at their management system, which centrally drives policy.

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