Upcoming #SATX Free Digital Transition Event 01/18/18

The Learning Counsel is organizing this event for area school leaders. They are offering the 6th edition of their Digital Education - Special Report online - Systems Leadership versus the Classroom. The conversation is definitely worth having and Leilani does an awesome job of facilitating the dialogue.


Digital Transition Discussion
Free for Educators – Bring your Team

San Antonio Meeting
Thursday, January 18th - 8:00am to 2:00pm

San Antonio, Tx

Attend for a Day of Discussion
on the Next Stage of School Transformation

As the ever-louder voice of data intrudes and transforms at every level of the education enterprise, school leaders and teachers need understanding. 

LeiLani's morning briefing will show the latest data on outside consumer pressure, research on market dynamics and more.  Based on your role in schools or districts, you can expect important and practical professional development including:

Leading - Having a “Systems Mentality”
Planning - New "Scale" for Education Analytics and Leadership
Tech Directing -  Integration, Device & Network Impacts
Teaching - New Roles, New Opportunities

The next phase in the change continuum for schools is a new incursion of data from software, including the intersection of technology with redesigning the physical environment, and more.  

This event helps you make sense of where it is all going

* Basic training on digital analytics, new leadership for schools, and defining the "coding universe."
* Free print copy of the latest Special Report on "Systems Leadership versus the Classroom”

Come to discuss how changing technologies are bringing interesting new possibilities for teachers:
Digital Learning Travel Planner
Data Analyst
Social-Emotional Leader
Experience Manager
Activity Learning Specialist
…and more.

Group networking and discussion throughout the day.
Meeting begins at 8am.
Free to attend for Ed Execs, Tech Staff, Teachers and all team members involved in this transition.
Breakfast and lunch included.

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