Enchant Your Ears Part 1- My Fav Audio Book Picks (Updated 1/2019)

Looking for some awesome stories to enchant your ear? Then you've come to the right place! I need content that's going to make my blood boil, make me laugh outright, and keep me engaged. For those of you who still think (as I once did) that audio isn't as good as reading text, make sure you read the research section at the end of this blog entry!

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What I'm listening to now. I LOVE it.

As an Audible Platinum user ($22.95 a month, worth every penny since you get 2 credits (or two audio books per month)), as well as someone who spends a significant amount of time sitting in a car, I have ample time to listen. Unfortunately, non-fiction tales, documentaries, self-help stuff puts me to sleep (not good when I'm driving a car).While I started listening to tons of free audiobooks available via Librivox and other sources, I soon found myself exhausting content.

What I Look For in an Audio Book
To make sure you and I are on the same page, here's what I'm looking for in an audio book:
  • A science-fiction, fantasy, or zombie tale with heap of adventure, humor, and insurmountable odds. While a little romance is OK, I hate long love scenes. The more sword-n-sorcery, shotgun wielding defying zombification, the better.
  • I like LONG multi-book stories. When you're in the car, I don't want to run out of content mid-way since that necessitates pulling over and loading a fresh book.
  • Did I mention humor and adventure?
  • Awesome narration (like R.C. Bray does)
Often, I can't stop listening when I get home after a long drive. "What's that, honey, you want me to go to the store? No problem!" as I tuck earbuds into my ears and tap the play icon on my iPhone's Audible app.

Free Audio Books to Get You Started
While I switched to Audible after a bit of listening to these free audio books, I would be remiss to say that you can find free audio books online. Here are a few of my favorite tales if you're not quite ready to pay for Audible (well worth it!) subscription:

Nathan Lowell's entire Trader Tales series and Shaman Tales
Seymour Hamilton
Lindsay Buroker
J.C. Hutchins
  • 7th Son Series - This includes 3 audio books, action-packed and powerful. Highly recommended!
Steve Libbey
Brion J. Humphrey
Timothy J. Callahan

A Few Favorites via Audible.com
So here are my picks. I'm not going to give you a long-winded book review. These are great stories and will certainly keep your blood pressure up. Each of these holds a special place in the pantheon of awesome tales. While the narrators like R.C. Bray, Bronson Pinchot, James Fouhey and John Lee are top-notch, other narrators may not be. It's up to you to decide.

These audiobooks wouldn't be listed below if I didn't think they were AWESOME. That said, I've put italicized my favorites at the top.
Finally, one of my first 47 hour sprints included Stephen King's The Stand (narrated by Grover Gardner). If you haven't read that book yet, well, you are missing out.

Listening Has Advantages OVER Reading Text
“Listeners and readers retain about equal understanding of the passages they’ve consumed,” says Melissa Dahl, citing research in this New York Magazine article, which is another key point for listening to audio books as well as reading them.  Here are some research-based benefits of audio over text reading:
  • Fiction read aloud encourages your brain to picture the scenes.
  • Listening to audio books enhances listening skills as ears strain for the next word.
  • Audio book “reading” can be done on the go, which may match the needs of certain busy people in our lives.
One benefit I noticed was my ability to narrate stories myself. Listening to that much audio will have a positive impact on introverts like me, much in the same way that reading text does for poor readers.

Pay attention. You are going to simply love any or all of these stories. What are YOUR favorite audio books on Audible? Share in the comments.

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doug0077 said…
Miguel, you might want to check out your public library's collection of downloadable audio books. We have a good collection at my library and I've already paid for them with my tax dollars anyway! Doug

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