AL DíA: Free eBook: DIY vs Managed Cloud Hosting

Check out a free ebook from Lambda Solutions. What intrigued me about the book was how closely it aligned with some of my own experiences hosting a learning management system in my own school district. Some of my takeaways for doing that included server setup (not a big deal in a large school district, but smaller districts, what a headache at first), maintenance and security updates, and ensuring I kept up with what I needed to know to maintain it.
Many organizations that choose DIY hosting do so because they have an infatuation with owning innovative technologies that drive business forward. Having industry standard, cutting edge hosting, requires a significant commitment to stay ahead of the curve (aka, your competitors). In the business of hosting this entails spending significant time learning new technologies and researching/ buying the latest equipment.

In the end, my experiences as a Director of Technology taught me a valuable lesson--outsource whenever possible. You can hold someone else accountable for all the challenges, and be more nimble about transitioning to better solutions. And, even better, you don't have to maintain the "server farm" (virtual or not).

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