Saturday, December 9, 2017

AL DíA: Eight Second Storytelling

Today, you often have only about eight seconds to tell a story, or one second less than a goldfish.

 Here are some tips for creating short content:
Some ideas suggested or adapted via 15 Brilliant Examples of Visual Storytelling on Instagram include:
  • Combine words and images to tell a compelling story about a historical event
  • Ask your students and/or community to share compelling pictures that provide insight (e.g. academic achievement, sports tale, a digital book jacket retelling a story in students’ own words)
  • How your students/staff have helped others at school, at work, or in the community
  • A visual story of an upcoming or current event from a student perspective
  • A collection of images that captures different perspectives of the same situation

To make the point, check out the @StatisticBrain twitter's one example. Look for videos that aim for the 8-second ride.
...studies have shown that eight seconds is the precise attention span for uninterrupted video viewing. “Videos shorter than 10 seconds are a distinct class from those that are longer....” (Source: Variety)

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