Wednesday, December 6, 2017

AL DíA: Connecting with Parents

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What a great idea! John Stevens (@jstevens009) posted this as a tweet:
I wish my child's teacher knew...
This is a social experiment to help teachers realize the realities that parents face. Imagine you're at a parent conference with your child's teacher and are given the chance to tell them about what's going on. What do you say? While many teachers are parents, or are aware of the commitment that parenting takes, we all have unique perspectives and it is important to bring them to light. The hope is that this short survey will do that and more. Once responses come in, I will be posting them to my website,, and possibly social media, but yours will always remain anonymous.
Thank you for participating. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me:
Twitter - @jstevens009
Email -
To share this survey, please use
I wish my child's teacher knew...
We all carry something with us as parents. What is something that you would like your child's teacher to know?
 What other ways could teachers or admins go about gaining insights about those we serve?

Another approach districts use to stay in touch with parents involves using tools like Peachjar.
Peachjar delivers timely information about important school-approved programs like soccer, Girl Scouts & college savings plans! It's easy - parents receive digital flyers via email, & can also view them on their school website.

Programs like those mentioned help instill critical values like teamwork, confidence, & motivation, & can help improve performance in school.
 Which is more effective?

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