Voxercasts: A Few Fun Conversations #tceacts #cast17 #sysadmin

At several TCEA events this past Fall, I've had a chance to chat with various folks using the Voxer app. I'm including them below in case you missed them in my Twitter feed. Click the Voxer.com link embedded in each to listen to the audio.

TCEA Campus Technology Specialist Academy Conversations

30-Day Challenge
Listen to at 30-day challenge

Three Tips for Capturing Power of G Suite

Listen to (Adrienne Buck appears next to me above) at on 3 tips for capturing power of

OneNote as a Great Organizer for Doctoral Studies Work

Listen to on for organizing doctoral studies. What a great story to hear! She had learned about OneNote at a TCEA Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) session I did earlier this year (or was it last year?) and had gone home to organize herself for her doctorate! Well-wishes on your journey to Ed.D or Ph.D!

LIVE Lunch-n-Learn Madness
I don't have audio for my LIVE Lunch-n-Learn that I facilitated to a packed room at TCEA in Austin, Tx, but I have to publicly humiliate, er, thank my friends from Lamar ISD for their efforts. They helped me break the ice by booing and throwing napkins when I was introduced to speak. Of course, it was all good-natured fun since I set them up for it. We got a laugh from the crowd! THANK YOU!
CAST 17 Conversations

Listen to my chat with Charlie

Listen to Ted Tagami on Exolab

TCEA SysAdmin Conversations
Left to Right: Thom, Peggy, Don, Victoria, Miguel

Listen to Thom/Don from

TCEA Chromebook Academy Conversations

listen to share about her experience

What fun it is to take a look at these pictures and hear these voices again!

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