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Thanks to TexasISD.com for a roundup of STEM projects schools are jumping into. Here's the list (click district title to access the source):

Bryan ISD:
Watch video

Crosby ISD:
Students from Charles R. Drew Elementary in Crosby ISD made the trek across the region to learn about STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) principles at iFLY in Katy.

Killeen ISD:
The STEM Academy is a program for sixth through eighth graders who are interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. See more

Little Elm ISD: 
STEM should be available for kindergarteners through fifth-graders...after the first year of STEM in fourth and fifth grades, a review will take place in 2019-20.  Then in 2020-21, STEM would be implemented into second and third grades. After another year of review, STEM could be fully in place for kindergarten through fifth grade by 2022-23.

Temple ISD:
Temple ISD relies primarily on three models of blended learning to support its one to one Chromebook initiative (ok, this isn't about STEM necessarily):
  • Station rotation involves a mini-lesson, which might actually be taught in a homework assignment or online video to be viewed before class, followed by moving between multiple stations in the classroom, each geared toward a different learning style, such as written, visual, or kinetic. 
  • Flipped learning involves students watching a video lecture before class and then doing what would more traditionally be considered homework at school. The theory behind flipped learning is that students benefit more from their teacher’s presence when they are doing difficult assignments than when they are passively learning from a lecture. In a flipped classroom, the interaction between student and teacher focuses on helping the student understand how to apply the lecture and being available to answer questions.
  • At home online learning can take the form of recorded lectures or graphic video presentations, sometimes with a quiz at the end, or quiz questions scattered throughout the presentation so that the student has to demonstrate an understanding the past 90 seconds or so before they watch the remainder of the video.

Women in Science Endeavors (WISE) in Amarillo:
Women in Science Endeavors (WISE) is an annual science, technology, engineering and math conference for 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls in the Amarillo area. The girls participate in a series of hands-on workshops led by female presenters in STEM fields. 

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