My Dear Abby Column

Earlier this year, I had a brainstorm. Usually, they don't amount to much but this one has been so rewarding to write. I wondered if I could create a "Dear Abby" column but for educators, not for the love-lorn or relationship challenged (although one for CTOs might be a winner).
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To that end, I started writing "TCEA Responds:" usually fictionalizing the author (to protect their identity) blog series. Do a quick search on "TCEA RESPONDS" and you will get immediately get relevant hits on a wide variety of topics.

Pretty fantastic, huh? Here is a list of may find something interesting!
  1. Grants and Tech Planning
  2. Google Certified Admins
  3. Recording Speakers
  4. Podcasting
  5. Membership Renewal
  6. MS Classroom
  7. Saving High School Seniors' Digital Work
  8. Digital Fax Solutions
  9. Securing Data in Cloud
  10. Video Surveillance
  11. Future Ready Library resources
  12. TechApps TEKS
  13. Get Current on Tech Learning
  14. New Google Sites ePortfolios
  15. Teaching Dgital Media
  16. Apple TV in the Classroom

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