@DoINK Green Screen Contest Deadline - 1/28/18 #txed #tceacts

Check out this contest announcement from the awesome DoInk Green Screen folks! Love the DoInk Green Screen app on iOS (wish they would make Android!) and what you can do with it.

The 2017 DoInk Contest! 

DoInk is having a contest and we’d love for you and your school to participate. The prize is a a class set (30 copies) of the Animation and Drawing by DoInk App (which sells for $4.99 each in iTunes). The prize will go to the class that submits the most creative video using the Green Screen by DoInk App. Extra credit will be awarded if you use our Animation and Drawing app. Feel free to appsmash with any other apps or any tools that you think will make your video great.
So what kind of video should you create to win the contest?
  • Tell a funny story
  • Re-enact a fairy tale
  • Pitch to us why your class wants/needs our animation app, etc.
  • Tell us why you like our Green Screen app
  • Anything you’d like
Let your imagination go wild and surprise us!
The contest starts today November 16th, 2017 and will run until Friday, January 12th. We cannot wait to see what you and your students create. To submit your videos, please tweet them, put them on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and use the hashtag #doInkcontest17. Linking them to any of our social media sites Twitter, FacebookYouTubeand Instagram would help us find them, but you can also just email us at support@doink.com.

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