Disaster Recovery Rears Its Head Again #cto #tecsig

Earlier this month, I shared part 1 of When Disaster Strikes, which is part one of a 2-part series on Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity in K-12 school districts and organizations. I'm happy to share that Part 2 is now out and available for your viewing!

My favorite part of this article, which obviously includes much of what I put in place in my 10K student school district in San Antonio when I served as Director of Technology, appears at the end. It is a caution to K-12 school superintendents and leadership teams that are too cheap to put in systems that will safeguard day to day operations, all of which rely on technology:
“Our school district cannot function without technology. Not investing in disaster recovery and business continuity ceased to be an option a long time ago.” 
How are you, as a school district leader, CTO/CIO safeguarding what your organization needs to be successful?
I loved that quote from esteemed colleague, Dr. Kari Murphy in Deer Park ISD. If you're a CTO/CIO and you're not answering this question (highlighted above), then you are setting yourself and your organization up for failure.

If you're a superintendent, you better ask a variant of this question:
What have you done to verify our organization has a successful disaster recovery & business continuity plan in place that works?

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