Apple TV Grumblings

When I first bought my Apple TV (approx $100), I remember being excited about the possibilities. It was the same kind of feeling I had when I bought a Chromecast for small portion of the price. Although the excitement hope-filled, it soon gave way to disillusionment. I'm not sure where my Apple TV ended up (maybe I took it to work and lost it there in the obsolescence bin), but I don't use it.

In fact, the Roku device I have is probably my best investment for home entertainment. I know others have been successful, but Roku was the easiest. Way to go, Roku!

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Still, in spite of this experience and others in trying to support Apple TV, I was pleased to write a response to a question sent in. My favorite part of the blog entry, in addition to the list of examples for uses with links, is the alternatives section:
If your school or district has not yet invested in an Apple TV, you might consider a software solution instead. Here are three software alternatives that cost less money than an Apple TV:
As you can see, I still have trouble recommending spending so much money on hardware when software will do the trick.

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