AL DíA: YouTube Channels for Elem Math Students

My mom, a veteran math teacher, always said that learning the vocabulary was key to success in math class. If you agree with her perspective (and I wouldn't dream of disagreeing), you may want to check out these videos, especially Flocabulary. Introducing key vocabulary and making it understandable works.
As the students understood the language of math, their confidence, attitudes, and scores all began to improve. My research topic is the use of mathematical vocabulary and its implications in the classroom, namely improving understanding and scores. Source
This shouldn't come as a surprise, but reading it online underscores my Mom's assertions:
There is a strong correlation between a student’s word knowledge and future academic success. Evidence shows that what students already know about a topic is a reliable predictor of how easy they will learn new information in that topic. Words are the tools students use to access background knowledge, to make necessary connections, to learn about new concepts, and to express those ideas in everyday life. In fact, the more terms you know about a specific subject, the easier it is to understand and learn new information related to that subject. One builds upon the other.

It takes a numeracy-rich environment for authentic vocabulary learning to occur. The power of numeracy lies in the empowerment of students; that is, students are given opportunities to use academic vocabulary in a natural setting and to recognize and appreciate how that term relates to the world both inside and outside the math class. Source: 10 Ideas for Vocabulary in Math

Thanks to the incomparable Eric Curts, check out his list of 18 YouTube
Below are 18 of the channels I found that are worth checking out for your classroom if you teach elementary level math. For my training I was shooting for grades 3 through 5, but many of these cover lower elementary grades or extend up into middle school. See the list
 via Eric Curts' Control Alt Achieve blog

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