Tuesday, November 21, 2017

AL DíA: Digital Flipbooks

Over the past few weeks, I've been having fun playing around with Animated GIFs. As a challenged artist (I'm still trying to draw stickmen well), animated GIFs seemed quite beyond me. Not the animation itself, but rather, animating some drawing that I had made. What joy to discover how to make tutorials.
An animated GIF is a series of sequential frames played in order with a delay between them to create the illusion of movement. Those frames are all contained within a single GIF file that holds all the still images along with instructions on how fast to go through them. It's a little digital flipbook. Source: Popular Mechanics

I've included a link to some of my animated GIF resources in my blog entry at TCEA.

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My go to tools for creating animated GIFs, an excerpt of the ones I mention in the blog entry linked above, include:

  • GifMaker.me (Free): You can use this web-based tool to create animated GIFs. 
  • GIF Toaster (iOS; Free): You can take a series of photos (or screenshots on your iOS device), then arrange them as an animated GIF. 
And, when creating animations from Google Slides, I have found Slides to Drive add-on or Chrome extension worthwhile helper.

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