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Even though students may find technology helpful, faculty avoid taking advantage of it...and, faculty have trouble believing their students. When are we going to get past the idea that learners are disempowered children who must wait hand-n-foot on the dictates of a strict parent?

Students and faculty have somewhat differing views when it comes to technology use in the classroom, according to an Educause Center for Analysis and Research survey with responses from 11,141 faculty members and 35,760 students across the nation, reports Campus Technology.  
When it comes to learning management systems, the survey found most faculty are satisfied with it, but students become more frustrated with it as the tasks become more difficult and complicated. And while many students report their teachers have adequate technology skills, they say that few faculty use this technology for more sophisticated purposes. 
While at least 80% of students said they found student success systems moderately helpful, the survey found most faculty don’t use them. And, when survey authors reported to Campus Technology on how CIOs could support faculty members, they stressed explaining student demands would not sway faculty. Rather, explaining research on effectiveness and learning outcomes to faculty on technology use would be more effective.
Source: Education Dive

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