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Event: Building a K-12 Computer Science Learning Community

Be sure to check out this upcoming event in San Antonio, Tx on September 18th. RSVP at

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MyNotes: Owned #privacy #foss

"What are we supposed to do to someone that holds, owns everyone?" asks Foggy in Marvel's Daredevil. "You make them pay" is the response. It's strangely appropriate that the question of property lies at the heart of Fairfield's book. As I read the book, I found myself in agreement with many of the points shared.

Unfortunately, the solution didn't seem as obvious as the problems. I'm looking forward to completing the book to find out what those solutions are. I invite you to join me.

In Joshua A.T. Fairfield's (@joshfairfield) book, Owned: Property, Privacy, and the New Digital Serfdom, he proposes 4 components as a way to escape device-based surveillance. Those components include:

People have the right to modify their own propertyThey can sell it to others, free and clear, when they are done with itThey can use it and enjoy it free from the interference of othersThey can exclude others from using it without their consent Here are some of my …