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Book Review: The Punch Escrow

Tal M Klein's The Punch Escrow begins with this beguiling title. What the heck does it mean?

Note: These are my take-aways from Klein's book, The Punch Escrow, which I received for review purposes. I retain editorial control over content shown in this blog entry. No other remuneration was received for authoring the book except a digital copy of the book. In a short time, you are carried off on a wild chase as the story unfolds, the meaning of obscure scientific terms becomes clear. The title suffices to mask the real story until it can be unveiled, a bit at a time. At first, I wondered why the obscure title and scientific terms. Then, I realized that I was learning, along with the main character (Joel Byram), the truth of The Punch Escrow. Teleportation, in widespread use for people transport, is not as harmless as we've learned in Star Trek. Rather, it is more sinister.

In short, teleportation does not involve transporting someone from one place to the next. Inste…

Conversation Change: Revisiting Basic Tech Skills

A few months ago, about an hour before day's end, a colleague shared a version of the following request with me. As I read it, I responded from a Microsoft perspective. But a part of me wondered, what would this response look like from a Google perspective? Or, an Apple point of view?Surprisingly, the blog entry I wrote took about 20 minutes to write. I have had the idea rolling around in my head for some time, so here's that blog entry from a Google Suites for Education perspective.
“Do you by chance know of a good basic list of tech skills that every teacher should know? If so, do you have a formal assessment for this?” asked a teacher recently. “We’re a Google district,” the member added. In this blog post, we’ll explore a list of expectations for teachers. We’ll also discuss some suggestions for formal assessments.Conversation ChangeWhen asked what my list of basic technology skills are, I head over to Google, and do a quick search. There are a million lists of basic tech s…