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Crafting Incredible Presentations

Note: The following is a blog entry adapted from one I ghost authored for a colleague. This one focuses on MS Powerpoint. I'm publishing it as a resource for one of my ISTE sessions.
"Storytelling is one of humans' most basic and effective forms of communication. Researchers at the Yale Child Study center are even finding that storytelling--especially between children and caregivers--is a key component of our neurological development," says Pam Allyn.

Presentations make it easy to make thinking visible, and tell stories. How you decide to craft your presentation can have a profound impact on audience receptivity.

Let’s explore a few ideas that can help you craft incredible presentations with Microsoft Powerpoint.

Idea #1: Lend Me Your Ears.

“It is more difficult to process information if it is coming at us both verbally and in written form at the same time,” says Garr Reynolds, author of the Presentation Zenbook and blog. A stirring story well-illustrated can make it…

Badge Summit at ISTE17

Months ago, I was excited to read Noah Geisel's invitation about the upcoming Badge Summit featuring an incredible line-up of speakers. Although my schedule prevents me from attending due to other exciting events, I have hopes that this will event will attract lots of Texas and international educators!

Be sure to check back soon for a podcast with Noah!

Here's a blog entry Noah wrote some time ago:
The 2017 Badge Summit is coming to San Antonio, Texas, on June 24. Following on the heels of last year’s inaugural event, this year’s conference promises to be a powerful learning experience for all attendees, from the folks deeply immersed in the world of micro-credentials to the Badge-curious who are ready to dip their toes in the waters. The KeynotesIf you despise shameless name-dropping, skip to the next session because our keynotes warrant some serious name-dropping. Our first keynote is with Connie Yowell, the CEO of LRNG. LRNG is a leader in Connected Learning and brings together…