Monday, May 29, 2017

Uneducable Skills: People Service

While I'm not sure the word "uneducable" is a word (whew, it is), I am growing convinced that our children, the little humans who have grown up on a steady diet of high tech gadgets and wearables, will need to be educated in those skills that robots and artificial intelligences are uneducable in. This point gets driven home each time I read a news report citing that the jobs of the 21st century include health care workers, elderly care, etc. ad nauseum. In other words, jobs that involve close contact with people.
I believe that now we have to educate students for the jobs that computers cannot and will not be able to do. Computers are remarkable at vast amounts of information, sorting through data and providing answers but still unable to ask good questions. (Source)
In my own experience, I have learned the value of elder care. That is, the people who take care of family members who can no longer live at home because they require care and support. These are the people who care for family, each day giving baths, dealing with assertions that "You've stolen my [whatever the elderly person suffering from dementia says]." And, I can't help be but profoundly grateful to these care-givers.

But I don't want to be one. Yet, this job may be one of the ones that remains an option for future generations, whose jobs may be taken by drones, robots, and AI.
If we want to expand the proportion of the population that remains in good health for the vast majority of their lifespan, we will need to train workforces that are comfortable in working in cooperative teams and at the interfaces of health care, behavioral interventions, social services, and even the justice system. 
That will require educational pathways and evidence-based practice guidelines to train and support a new generation of health and health care workers—dedicated professionals who are prepared to deliver excellent and affordable preventive care to individuals, families, and entire communities. (Source)
Since not everyone will be coding and programming (sorry, I've failed successfully since I was 13 years old), maybe it's time to join the people service.

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