AL DíA: Design, Make, Share

Fascinating approach for makerspace classrooms and/or libraries! Wouldn't this approach work with just about anything?

Design Make Share is a method for integrating MAKING in the classroom. This method applies to 3D printers and any other type of MAKING from cardboard and scissors to laser cutters and CNC machines. 
PROBLEM/CHALLENGE: Students want to solve a problem, fill a need or answer a question.
DESIGN: Students design, brainstorm, sketch, hypothesize a solution to the problem. It is critical that each student record the results of this process.
MAKE: Students make, build, experiment, fabricate their design. Review and revision are an integral part of this step.
SHARE: Students share, market, publish, teach what they have designed and made...This step can include a summary of the problem, the design, the solution that they made and how it differs from their original design and a reflection of how the work relates to the class curriculum. Be sure that students SHARE the solutions that didn’t work. 

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