Strategizing Your BYOT Implementation, Part 4

Note: This blog post is part of a continuing series, Strategizing Your BYOT Implementation.  Be sure to read other blog entries relevant to BYOD.

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Mandy Rusch said…
Hey Miguel,

Vivitek USA has recently launched a national educational technology grant for K-12 teachers, providing a NovoPro wireless presentation and collaboration device, free software, on-line support community for teachers, and five instructional modules created by Purdue University for using the device in the classroom. It's a perfect technology for BYOT,STEM and PBL environments, and the NovoPro is device agnostic--working with all major mobile and computer platforms. I wanted to make you aware of this grant in case you wanted to investigate it or share out:

Vivitek is granting 500 NovoPros for 2017! As a former teacher and trainer, I've been working with this device for almost two years and love the quad screen projection capabilities and teacher tools. Could you help us get the word out?

Thank you for your efforts in expanding ed tech development and discussion.

Best regards,

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