10 @TCEA Blog Entries: The Latest Idea Roundup

Here's the latest roundup of blog entries I've written for TCEA TechNotes' blog...happy reading!
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  1. Prevent Summer Slide with Technology: This blog entry allowed me to explore a conversation I had with a colleague several years ago. What fun it was to dig up that conversation and explore it in light of new technologies. One of the challenging aspects of preventing summer slide is the fact that school districts want to use tutorial, or drill-n-practice, solutions to address it. Research shows, though, that such approaches have limited impact on math and reading.
  2. Choosing an Online Payment System: One of the initiatives that I took on as a technology director was implementing an online payment system. This blog entry captures part of the success story.
  3. Slack for Better Communication: My first introduction to Slack was last year. I was amazed that I had completely missed this wonderful service. Of course, for previous years, I'd been focused on building school district communication networks using Telegram and Voxer. 
  4. Get Organized: Productivity Tips for OneNote: It's amazing how fast OneNote is evolving and becoming the tool of choice for many.
  5. Down Memory Lane: Memoir Maps with iPads: This blog entry allowed me to explore memoirs and iPads, but more importantly, to exorcise an old unpleasant memory.
  6. Showcase Your School's Success: Like most district administrators, I wanted to share the great things that were ongoing in schools. As a blogger, I'm always amazed at much great material we let just fade into memory. In this blog entry, I share my insights into how you can do this for your school.
  7. Transform Learning with Text to Speech: A few weeks ago, a colleague received a phone call asking about solutions for text to speech, and speech to text. I was pleased I had the opportunity to share this blog entry.
  8. When People Fail - Digital Evidence Search: As a tech director, one of the challenges we encounter is when people fail, when they use technology in inappropriate ways...and how we are forced to deal with it.
  9. Protect Your Virtual Home - Google Chrome Browser: A few of my favorite Chrome add-ons that help you manage work, beautify it with pretty pictures, and protect your privacy.
  10. No More Death by Powerpoint: A few insights from years of experience. Somehow, I thought they would be more. :-)
Most of these blog entries address the TCEA Productivity Tools for Administrators Academy coming up later this summer, 2017. 

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