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10 @TCEA Blog Entries: The Latest Idea Roundup

Here's the latest roundup of blog entries I've written for TCEA TechNotes' blog...happy reading!

Prevent Summer Slide with Technology: This blog entry allowed me to explore a conversation I had with a colleague several years ago. What fun it was to dig up that conversation and explore it in light of new technologies. One of the challenging aspects of preventing summer slide is the fact that school districts want to use tutorial, or drill-n-practice, solutions to address it. Research shows, though, that such approaches have limited impact on math and reading.Choosing an Online Payment System: One of the initiatives that I took on as a technology director was implementing an online payment system. This blog entry captures part of the success story.Slack for Better Communication: My first introduction to Slack was last year. I was amazed that I had completely missed this wonderful service. Of course, for previous years, I'd been focused on building school district communic…

The Doer Who Learns: The Makerspace Librarians' Handbook

"For the things we have to learn before we can do, we learn by doing," said Aristotle. Or, more simply, the doer who learns. As a writer in the education field, and I trace my lineage back to those first book reports in third grade, I have been learning by writing for many years. So I must admit to some concern when I saw arts (did I mention I flunked art in kinder?) and crafts see a resurgence in schools, a contra-decima to the establishment of the Common Core as Chris Aviles suggests in his article which I explored earlier.

As I have written more about makerspaces, experienced it firsthand, I realize that we are moving quickly to the digitization of arts and craft experiences. Making things from junk, then digitizing the creation, resulting in a 3D printing that is functional, well, that moves the experience of creating down the road. Makers appear an innovation on what humans have been doing for years--hunting, gathering, and making stuff.
Disclaimer: This is the first of …

Doom and Gloom: Maker Learning Fad

A colleague recently shared this article, The Makerspace is Doomed, which points out without hesitation that makerspaces are doomed in their current incarnation in libraries and special rooms: If you are unfamiliar with the Makerspace in schools, the most common type of Makerspace aims to both better expose students to STEM related fields and revive the lost art of making with one’s hands. Basically, it is Shop class 2.0. And like Shop class, the Makerspace is doomed. The Makerspace has five years left, ten if it’s lucky. Chris Aviles, the author, points out that the Makerspace is doomed because it is a fad (well, heck, what isn't in education except the love of a teacher for her students?) and money. Yes, makerspaces can be expensive, if not in actual budget (robots aren't cheap), in time to gather all the inexpensive alternatives to robots. Really, what else can be dumped on librarians to do?
"An educator coaches individuals to become what is essential — to develop in…

AL DíA: Audio Books and Reading

For me, the most important part of the study is that the researchers focused on just listening, with no follow-along-in-the-book or other reading intervention added. The impact of purely listening to books is striking. Two notable findings are that students using Tales2go attained 58% of the annual expected gain in reading achievement in just 10 weeks, putting them three months ahead of control students.  Plus, the study group outperformed the control group across all measures, by three times in reading comprehension, nearly seven times in second-grade vocabulary, and nearly four times in reading motivation. These increases came after students listened for twenty minutes three times per week in the afternoon program at school, and an additional two twenty-minute sessions at home.
Read more as well as review the research study

Note: This is a new type of blog entry where I share information daily about a new tidbit of research. I'm sure we all agree that learning something new daily…

In the Midst of Info-Chaos @susannaclavello

Note about Guest Blog: Thanks to Susanna Clavello (Twitter: @susannaclavello;
Coordinator, Digital Learning for the Education Service Center, Region 20) for sharing this awesome take on helping students make sense of information chaos!
Full Title: Helping Students Navigate the Digital World in the Midst of Information Chaos

Today, librarians and library media specialists’ roles are more important than ever before. Let me explain why.

A research report from Adobe Education notes that, “In today’s world, a proficient employee needs to be computer literate, visually literate, information literate, media literate, and digitally literate.” Yet, a recent study from Stanford School of Education proves a shocking reality: the majority of middle school through college students are digitally illiterate. With so much emphasis on educating students to be good readers, how can we explain this disconnect?

We live in an age where instead of a traditional textbook, the world has become the curriculum an…

My 2017 Favorite Windows 10 Apps/Programs #MIEExpert

It's been ages since I've put together a list of all my favorite Windows apps. So, here goes with an update! What would you add to this list? 

Here are the questions this blog entry answers:

How do I update to the latest version of Windows 10?How do I protect/secure my Windows 10 Computer?How do I encrypt my data so hackers can't get to it?How do I secure my WiFi Connection from Hackers and Surveillance?How do I capture/edit images?How do I work with sound and video?How do I quickly add or find free software?How do I remotely control my Windows computers?How do I read ebooks on Windows 10?
And, if you are looking for Microsoft apps for your surface book/table or, maybe just great Win10 programs, you can click those links to find TONS of info.

1. How do I update to the latest version of Windows 10?
Use the Microsoft Update Assistant to start the process of updating your Windows 10 computer. I recently updated to Windows 10 Creator's Update and so far, so good!2. How do I pro…